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New Product: TPUserts and NYLONserts are here!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Introducing our new TPUserts and NYONserts...


You can now order TPU or Nylon inserts for various devices, from both the AbilityMade range as well as in other manufacturing techniques such as lamination.

TPUsert in a pre-preg laminate AFO
TPUsert into pre-preg laminate

What are TPUserts?

These are flexible interface surfaces made from the material TPU. It's printed on MJF just like the Nylon to give you a unique material with a unique feel -- you'll need to hold it in your hands to experience it!

Why TPU inserts?

They move better with the body with enough stiffness to hold soft tissue but retain flexibility. The material is easy to adjust fit through heating and grinding.

Why put it into laminate?

Let the laminate do all the work of holding the joint but allow the TPU do the holding of the body. That way you aren't needing to trim, grind, heat adjust carbon fiber laminate (no one loves that).

Ultimately your client will gain the sense of flexibility and containment of soft tissue and firmness where needed, taking away the concept of hard and non-yielding AFO shells.

NYLONsert in a wet laminade AFO
NYLONsert into wet laminade

What are NYLONserts?

These inserts are made of polished nylon with various thicknesses to allow for the containment of tissue and structural positioning of the joints/limb.

So you get similar benefits to TPU in not needing to trim, grind and heat adjust carbon laminate but with more stiffness than the TPU.

An added benefit is growth/changes in fit could mean just the replacement of the Insert and not the entire carbon shell and joint; NYLONserts allow more efficient use of funding and time.

Do I have to laminate over the inserts?

No! We have developed a workflow that takes digital workflow to the next level. Send us your modified interface shape. We will design the insert shape over the top, turn it into an STL and you have a file ready for either your inhouse or CF carver to create your foam carve. Simple!

Four TPUsert: SMO inner boots on a table
Our TPUsert: SMO inner boots

How do you use them?

The inserts work with various devices in different ways.

  • TPUsert: SMO TPU SMO inner boots have a global thickness and can be inserted into these Abilitymade devices:

    • SAFO

    • HAFO

    • PDE

  • NYLONserts: SMO or TPUserts: SMO These TPU or Nylon SMO inserts go into laminated AFOs.

  • NYLONsert: SMO + Shank and TPUsert: SMO + Shank These are TPU or Nylon SMO and Shank inserts into multifunction jointed laminated AFOs such as Triple Action, Neuroswing or Nexgear Tango.

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Why you'll love our TPUserts and NYLONserts

You'll get the benefits of precision and repeatability that come with digital manufacture, the strength/rigidity of carbon fiber laminate/solid Nylon and the flexibility of TPU or variated thickness in Nylon.

  • TPUserts come in plain grey, with a general global thickness that fits perfectly into our AFO's.

  • NYLONserts come in all our amazing colours and in various thickness depending on the prescription.

  • Enjoy the combined benefits of a flexible insert to help hold the soft tissue, with the rigidity and structural support of Nylon or Laminate to hold the joints of body and componentry in alignment.

  • Improved small fit adjustments are easier than in laminate or solid nylon devices.

  • Allows for replaceable interface shape. Got a client that tends to "lose" things? Got a client with a tricky fit around the boney structures? Don't have the luxury of time for a check fit and then definitive? A replacement section is as easy as a push of the reprint button. Don't replace the entire device, just the section that is not quite right (or lost).

The client outcomes that can be achieved by integrating different manufacturing techniques are endless!


How to order?

You'll now see a pop-up offering TPU inserts whenever you order HAFO, SAFO or PDE. You can also order "Inserts for Laminate" on their own.

If you choose to add on inserts, you'll get to select the type of inserts you want, specify the height and length of the device, and select the prescription you want for the inserts for each individual limb later.

Not on our platform yet?

What does it cost?

You'll find TPUsert and NYLONsert pricing in our AFO Price List in the Clinicians Handbook, along with all other devices.

If you want to have a look at samples, just let us know. We can have them posted to you.


We're just a message away

Drop us a line at, talk to us on LinkedIn or call us on +61 02 7201 9689.

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