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Early insights from AOPA 2022 + new products sneak peak

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Fresh off the back of AOPA 2022, here are some of our early insights and responses to what we gathered.

1. The industry is ripe for digital workflows.

Most clinicians are keen or interested to get into digital workflows for a variety of reasons -- the efficiencies, not having to work in a plaster room, lower setup costs, but most of all, the designs that are possible with digital that aren't with traditional manufacture.

2. Most people want to get started, but not everyone knows how.

We understand it can seem complex and a bit of a journey. That's why we're here to help! We'll be sharing more on how to started - stay tuned. There is also some confusion over how difficult or easy it is to get into digital manufacture. Which leads to our next point...

3. Many people don't know our workflows, or how easy it can be to get started.

Here's a quick summary...

There is something for everyone at any stage of digital readiness. Just drop us a line if you want to know more! We're can also put you in touch with other orthotists who are already successfully using digital workflows and even getting innovative with designs.

4. Product-wise, TPU has great potential.

People were excited about the use of this material, and we'll be continuing to understand, develop and test its use in our product development (e.g. padding, straps, insoles etc.). Any ideas or wish-lists, send them our way!

5. 3D printed colours & vapour finish are a hit for more reasons than one

You'll see the fun and varied patterns that are possible with our AFOs. And who doesn't want AFOs that are wearable art? Vapour polish also improves structural integrity and fatigue strength of the prints, while creating a smooth, glossy and protective finish.

Want to check it out? Visit our Product Gallery or check out the Colours Look Book in our Clinician Handbook here.

More in the coming weeks...

  • How to get started if you're not sure how

  • What we're doing with all the feedback you've given us on our workflows and products

  • Exciting new research around material properties and finishing methods

  • New product releases

Missed us at AOPA?

Here's a sneak peak of what’s coming up in product development.

Flexistrut AFO with selectable ankle joint stiffness

Integrated TPU strap prototype ... and more!

It's an exciting time for the industry! More than ever, we're inspired to be on the forefront of helping orthotists learn about digital workflows, implementing 3D print technologies as another tool in their toolbox, and bringing the advantages of digital workflows to their business. If you are interested in talking or to be onboarded, drop us a line here!


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