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Offer Digitally Fabricated AFOs at your practice

Offer the most advanced custom made Orthoses on the market. Deliver better outcomes for your clients, and make your business thrive.

Note - We work exclusively with Orthotists.
Digital Workflow Options

Workflow Options

We recommend starting with Workflow 1 (Mixed) or Workflow 2 (Digital) and only upgrading to Workflow 3 (Full Service) after getting established & confident with 1 or 2.


Schedule your personal

30-min call with us


Talk to our resident Senior Orthotist to see if this service is the right fit for your practice. Free of charge, from your office, no strings attached.

What we will cover in the call:

  • Product - Cover the A-Z of our 3D Printed AFOs

  • Pricing & Service - AFO Pricing, Turn-around Times, Warranty, Availability

  • How To Start - Like what you see? Simple steps to start offering this at your practice

  • Your Questions - It’s a whole new world - don’t feel bad to ask a thousand questions!


To Book

To Book - Please fill in your basic details below and click “Schedule My Call”. We will reply within 24 hours to confirm a time with you.

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