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New Product: Introducing the StabilityBrace!

At long last, we're excited to share this new addition to our product range!

At long last, we're excited to share this new addition to our product range!


StabilityBrace is a fully custom device that blocks large amount of medial-lateral instability at the foot and ankle without restricting plantarflexion and dorsiflexion.

Like a SMAFO that provides extra support around the calf region, it contains excessive varus/valgus at the talus calcaneus joint.

It's less cumbersome than a HAFO, allows air flow and has greater functionality. And it's more supportive and comfortable than a SMAFO or orthopedic footwear.

Use it for multiple diagnoses, like spasticity or low tone, for both pediatrics and adults.

StabilityBrace comes in all our colours and sizes.

Why you'll love the StabilityBrace

  • If a SMAFO doesn't give enough M-L stability but you (or the client) don't want to move to a HAFO? StabilityBrace is the answer.

  • Stiff hindfoot coupled with a stability heel gives the client the stable base required to gain control over the hindfoot. The free range joint and 3/4 length toe plate allows natural roll over during stance with no blocking of any of the rockers.

  • The medial lateral shank uprights fit snuggly against the skin held with a reinforced bridge away from the skin, allowing significant airflow around the leg without impeding the medial lateral control.

How to order?

You'll now find the option to select StabilityBrace from the list of devices when you're ordering.

Not on our platform yet?

What does it cost?

Pricing is based on the heel to toe length for this product. Here's the pricing schedule.

You'll find StabilityBrace along with all other devices

Do keep the StabilityBrace in mind for your next client. We'd love to hear how you go!


We're just a message away

Drop us a line at, talk to us on LinkedIn or call us on +61 02 7201 9689.

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