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Need help on your Digital Fabrication Journey?

Leading the movement.


Digital fabrication is a journey into possibility. We're here to help make the transition simple for orthotists, and to help the industry get and stay on the leading edge.

Check out the resources below to learn more and give it a go!

AOPA Webinar (21 Jul 2021) - Digital Manufacture Pathway Slides.png

Want to embark on Digital Manufacturing? Not sure where to start?


This webinar will help orthotists understand the journey of digital manufacture and which path might work best for them.


Learn about Lisa’s journey into 3D printing, as well as the co-development of our first 3D printed carbon equivalent PDE AFO with Paul Sprague.

You'll also learn about the two different workflows that keep you in control of the interface shape and trim lines without having to worry about whether it'll work in 3D print.

image (82).png

Using digital manufacture to achieve client goals.

Methodical refinement of orthosis designs via digital manufacture has the potential to enhance the abilities of existing technology to meet a broader range of client goals with safety and efficiency. This paper covers the challenge, design and testing of a solution and outcomes.

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AFO Lending Library

Want to be able to touch and feel our 3D Printed AFOs?


Book something from our library to check out our latest range of AFOs.

AFO Library
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