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3 Simple Steps to Getting Started with 3D Printing Orthotics

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

A Guide for Busy Orthotists So, you want to get into Digital Workflows, but have no idea where to begin?

Don’t worry, we get you. We’ve created this guide to make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Three circles with 3 steps: 1) Get a Scanner 2)  Decide on a Workflow 3) Practice Scanning

First, find a scanner that is right for you. Don't know which one to get? We’ll take you through the questions you should ask yourself before speaking to suppliers.

Read “Which scanner is right for me?”.

Next, work out which workflow is best for you. We’ll take you through a comparison of two, and guide you on the best way to go if you’re a beginner.

Read “Which workflow is right for me?”.

​Capturing good scans is fundamental to getting good device and fit. It’s the skill newbies to digital workflows should gain competency with.

Read “Practice getting good scans”.

Done with Steps 1 to 3?

You're all set to go!

Just book in an onboarding session and we’ll get you familiarized with our platform. Onboarding takes only up to an hour, and you’ll be off to a flying start in no time!


Questions? Concerns? Stuck?

We're just a message away.

Drop us a line at, ask us on LinkedIn or call us on +61 02 7201 9689.

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