We are a for-purpose company that partners with orthotists to provide the optimal balance between fit, comfort, prescription and structural integrity. 

Our mission is to design, test and innovate digital workflows 
to help orthotists create better orthotics. 

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Why Work With Us


Achieve the best digital manufacture workflow that suits you 

Whether you want to plaster cast, modify yourself by hand or on screen or have us modify a scan for you, we can come up with a workflow specific to your needs. Either way, our virtual technicians precision model each orthosis based on your prescription.

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Thinner, lighter, more integrated

Our AFOs are on average 30% lighter and thinner than polypropylene.


We can include integrated features like  heel stabiliser, forefoot posting, and Integrated joints (Tamarack, SnapStop, X-Tension, Pivot joint).

Mechanically tested and TGA Certified

We have made over 500 3D Printed Orthoses and you can be sure every orthosis provided by us is compliant with 2021 TGA regulations.

Our systematic testing & ability to work within known mechanical limits means more consistent and safer orthoses when compared to traditional draping methods.


Benefits of Working With Us

Note - We work exclusively with Orthotists.


Digital Workflow Benefits

  • Working with our Virtual Technicians means you get the benefits of digital workflows without having to become a CAD expert yourself. 

  • Our end-to-end process is proven to give an average 132.5% increase in weekly capacity to provide AFO’s - nearly 2.5 times as many! 


  • Get first time fit and highly accurate, repeatable results with our Expert Clinical Profiles. You get consistent results even when some clinicians are still learning.​

Additive Manufacturing Benefits

  • Our Virtual Technicians can do things that are hard to achieve in plaster. Get faster integration of 3D printing advancements, and access to new componentry on the market.

  • Our designs are mechanically tested and TGA certified. Our Virtual Technicians are qualified Engineers and CAD specialists.


  • Full TGA Compliance - We are a registered manufacturer with the TGA, and all orders you do through us are fully compliant with the latest TGA regulations.


Safety & Environmental Benefits

  • Work in a clean, safe digital environment with less workplace hazards

  • We keep full digital records of every order so no need to take up space with plaster casts.

  • Additive manufacturing dramatically reduces production waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Non-toxic, bio-compatible 3D printing powder is recycled to optimize usage and minimize waste.

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Our range of orthoses

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Standard AFO Solid Ankle
Standard AFO Solid Ankle
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Articulated AFO (Tamarack/Pivot)
Articulated AFO (Tamarack/Pivot)
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Standard Resting AFO
Standard Resting AFO
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Range of Motion Resting AFO
Range of Motion Resting AFO
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AbilityPlus Raw AFO
AbilityPlus Raw AFO
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PDE Strut Carbon Fibre Equivalent AFO
PDE Strut Carbon Fibre Equivalent AFO
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Can’t see what you need?

Get in touch to see if we can collaborate to make you what you need.


Making ability a possibility. Hand in hand.

You're the experts in the human, we're the experts in additive manufacture.

Together with our team of engineers you can rely on tested designs, materials and structural integrity, while maintaining full control of the internal modifications that produce optimal outcomes for your clients.

Wherever you are on the digital fabrication journey, we have a solution for you.

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Awards & Accolades


Want to offer this at your Orthotics Practice?

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Paul Sprague,
Senior Orthotist

'Instead of learning CAD modeling, mechanical engineering and additive manufacturing from the ground up, we have accessed the specialised capabilities of AbilityMade so that we can focus on increasing clinical services and access to appointments for our clients.'

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Jackie O'Connor,
O&P Consultant

'Digital workflow benefits like efficiency, occupational health and safety, repeatability and designs not otherwise possible, make it worth exploring for all O&P businesses'


Claire Landon-Sayers, mum of Emily

'Highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative experience to traditional AFOs and also the amazing ability to individualise to your style!'