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See you at AOPA 2022

Video Transcription:

Lisa: Hi everyone, my name's Lisa Dodds and I'm a part of the AbilityMade crew, I'm the clinical facilitator. I'm also a practicing orthotist at Novitatech in Adelaide. I've been practicing for many years, won't tell you how many years cause I'll just feel like a dinosaur.

I just wanted to say, if you see us at the crowded AOPA, come tap us on the shoulder, we'd love to talk to you about anything to do with digital workflow and 3D print. I'll pass you on to Koray so he can introduce himself.


Koray: Hey everyone, my name is Koray Kilic and I'm a part of the AbilityMade team as a product manager. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and did my honours research in mechanical testing AFOs. 

Come find Lisa and I at AOPA on Friday or Saturday if you'd like to talk about 3D design, digital manufacturing or testing AFOs. See you there everyone.


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