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Central Fabrication Platform for Orthotists

Why Use Central Fabrication?

Today patients expect devices to be immediately available and tailored to our specific needs. We partner with orthotists to deliver advanced AFOs for the 21st century.

Design Freedom

Our tablet application gives you control over the design, making it easy to vary thicknesses, trim lines and other design features.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

By replacing plaster-casting with our instantaneous scanner, we’ve created an experience which is quick and easy, making the experience better for the client, their family and you.

Increased Productivity

Using our Central Fab platform you do the clinical assesment, prescription and fitting. We take care of technical work so you don’t need to do cast modifications or fabrication.

Faster Turn-around Times

3D Printing is the fastest method of producing custom-made AFOs. We can go from scan to fit in as little as 72 hours.

Specify your AFO for a custom fit

Our prescription app gives orthotists the ability to choose height and thickness of the orthosis, as well as the location of the trim lines, malleoli clearance, and other design variables. We supply orthotists with blanks, allowing them to use their preferred hinges and straps.

Below are the main orthoses available from AbilityMade. Our digital pipeline allows us to make a wide range of shapes, so please get in touch if you require an orthoses not listed here.


Fixed AFO


Articulated AFO




Supra Malleolar (SMO)


Thanks to recent advances in medical-grade 3D printing

Recent advances in 3D printing technology have made affordable fabrication of 3D printed orthoses now possible.

Our orthoses are manufactured using German-built industrial 3D printers in an ISO 13485 facility, using processes called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF).

Nylon-11 has high strength and excellent long-term durability, and is biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1. If you are interested in knowing more about our materials and processes please email us at hello@abilitymade.com.

How It Works


Capture the shape of your clients leg with our clinically validated 3D capture rig.

Our scanner is designed for wriggly kids, needs almost no training, and takes a scan in less than 5 seconds.



Use our online platform to scan, prescribe, order and manage the production of your orthosis. You have more control than ever to specify fit and design! 



Print and Fit

AbilityMade models the orthosis accurately to your prescription. You approve the model, we print the orthosis on a medical-grade 3D printer and quickly send it back.

Add the finishing touches and fit it to your patient.

Get free 3D capture technology for your practice

AbilityMade is offering 10 NSW-based Orthotics practices a free scanner and tablet as part of our Sector Scale-up Program.

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